What Is The Glycemic Index, Its Benefits And GI Food Ratings

The Glycemic Index Defined
Glycemic Index (GI) is a way to measure glucose levels after carbohydrate consumption. Glucose is a medical term meaning sugar that is produced from carbohydrate intake.
Carbohydrates are necessary to fuel the body and mind, but it’s easy to exceed carbohydrate intake. Too many carbs will eventually lead to physical challenges including obesity.
Managing your carbohydrate intake is important, in order to keep the GI in check and blood sugars from exceeding moderate levels.

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How to Add a Little Extra Exercise to Your Day

You might feel that exercise is a bit of a chore but it is something that we all need to do to keep fit and healthy. A little bit of movement on a regular basis can make a huge difference in the long term.
Here are three ways that you can add some exercise element into your day.

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3 Ways To Cut Down on Sugar in Your Drinks

If you are looking for ways to improve your diet and to create healthier eating habits, a good start is to cut down on the amount of sugar you consume through your drinks.
Many commonly consumed beverages contain a high level of sugar. It can be challenging to figure out how to lessen or remove sugar from your diet, especially when you really enjoy that sugar hit. Here are 3 simple tips that can help you to reduce your sugar.

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How To Make Healthy Eating Fun for The Family

If you want to change the eating habits of your family, you need to know how to incorporate healthy food choices into their everyday diet. Here are a couple of ways that you can do this.




Introduce New Fruits and Vegetables to Children in a Fun Way
If you want to get your children involved in trying new foods, get them to do the choosing. You can make this into a fun game by using the computer. Make a list of names of the different fruit and vegetables and take a look at them on the computer.

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Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise

Exercise should be an important part of everyone’s life. The benefits of exercising daily are plentiful and include healthy weight management, heart health, more energy, and increased muscle tone.
There are two different types of exercise – aerobic and anaerobic. Each one performs a different function and has its own set of goals. In order to perform effective workouts that meet your goals, it is important to understand each form of exercise and the effects they have on the body.

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