About Me

I coach my clients on how to live a healthier life.

I believe that as people get tiny successes on their way to becoming healthier, they feel good about themselves. The better they feel about themselves, the more they are encouraged to move forward. Challenges are individual and sometimes it seems that the world conspires against our wishes to be healthier. As a physician,  I provide information and encouragement to those who want to turn their lives around and live a healthier life.
I have practiced general medicine for 15 years and I have a passion for preventive care.  I believe that everyone holds their health in their own hands. When patients realize how much power they have when they take charge of their own choices for health, it is a beautiful thing to see.
 It is as simple as making a decision.  For example, I saw someone diagnosed with diabetes who said, “I don’t want this. What do I have to do?”  He took the information and set his sights on not being diabetic.  He exercised, lost weight and made different eating choices. His whole attitude was “I don’t want this and this is not going to be part of who I am.”  As a result, he no longer has diabetes. He took his health into his own hands.
The simple part is learning what to do.  The doing can be more challenging.  And that is where coaching, motivation, and knowledge come into play.  That’s why I write this blog – to provide information, knowledge, and motivation for those who have decided to live a healthier life.