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Here’s where you get to ask me questions about general health concerns.  I’ll do my best to answer them so you understand.  Please realize that I cannot make any diagnoses on this blog. That would be irresponsible.  So much of the process of becoming healthier and remaining our healthiest self depends on our individual efforts.  What I can do is help you educate yourself and understand the information that is out there.  To ask your question, please fill out the form down below and, if appropriate, I’ll answer it here.
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Q: I’ve just been told I have Type 2 Diabetes. Is there any way to reverse this without drugs?
Q: I keep forgetting things. I’m worried I might be getting Alzheimer’s. Is there anything I can do?
Q: My blood pressure and my cholesterol are too high? Can I reduce them without drugs? How do I do that?
Q: How do I know if I’m taking the right vitamins?
Q: What foods can I eat to increase bone density?
Q: Is there something I can do for long-time insomnia?
Q: What can I do to age gracefully?
Q: How can I keep my brain “smart” as I get older?
Q:  I’m severely obese and 66. Is it too late for me to make a difference in my health?
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